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  >>Characteristic and use
  >>Welding material main
  >>Spring wire mechanical
  >>Steel products weight
    computation chart
  >>Steel model table
Product Knowledge

1、What is the stainless steel?

2、How does the stainless steel corrode? And the classification of the corrosion.

3、What should be considered when we choose the stainless steel?

4、Molybdenum’s effect on the austenitic stainless steel.

5、Nickel’s effect on the austenitic stainless steel.

6、Chromium’s effect on the austenitic stainless steel.

7、Carbon’s effect on the austenitic stainless steel.

8、The physical performance、mechanical property and heat-resistant quality of the stainless steel.

9、The anti-corrosive performance of different types of stainless steel.

10、The Explanation of the stainless steel’s professional terms?

11、Why does the stainless steel have magnetism?

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